Friday, November 8, 2013

Fear and Longing

Lovely Bicycle!: Fear and Longing:

Absolutely too much of this this year, or any year for that matter.   Velouria's life was irreversibly altered, though she doesn't say how, but leave her the space and let her write eloquently, in her own time.

Here's the link to Pamela's post about her being hit by the truck.

Too many distracted drivers, watching their cell phones, pinging and tweeting and talking and texting.  And too many distracted people, in between their headphones, not being intentional and aware.

And, the creak of getting older.   Knees and hips hurt. Stiff.   What's this bulge in my side?  Frontier Doctor says it's not the real bad stuff, probably, but let's make sure by taking a look inside.  So, more uncertainty.

But, the daughter did marry.  And, Steve is right.  And that was all good.

Now, onto the next set of challenges, uncertainties, and paying attention to the important.  Oh, and let's complete the coffeeneuring challenge!  It's good to have goals and get into nature.

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