Monday, September 10, 2007

Headwaters Metric Century

Another great ride on Sunday, 9/9/07, the Headwaters Century, this one courtesy of Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club. The ride starts from Enumclaw High School, and heads across beautiful Enumclaw plateau and dairy farms, plus cornfield at this time of year. Strong northeast winds provided great weather to ride, with temperatures well into the 70's, and needless to say, no rain!

First rest stop is at Flaming Geyser State Park, the entrance to which was guarded by a llama (or an alpaca?).

Then, it's up the hill for about 1.5 miles to Black Diamond, Ravensdale, and Maple Valley, where you cross the Green River.

The way back to the starting point takes you through Hobart, Landsburg, Cumberland, with rollers, a few hills and plenty of scenery until you reach the Enumclaw plateau, more views of Mt. Rainier, and finally the return to Enumclaw High School. My cyclometer read 64.6 miles (or 103.9 km!), so this ride qualifies as a metric century! Your mileage may vary.

TWBC provided strawberry shortcake desert at the finish, but that wasn't enough. So I stopped at the Cave Man Kitchen in Kent on the way home!


Sue said...

My husband, daughter, and I usually do the Headwater Century but this is the first year in 7 that we had to miss it. We rode the MS 150 in La Conner. The weather was beautiful up there too.

Thanks for the report though on the Headwater. It is one of my favorite rides. In fact I live very close and the 45 mile loop is one of our favorite weekend rides. We also mix up part of the 100 to make it different.

And the strawberry shortcake is a great treat for a hungry and weary rider.

Love the pictures too!

I am off in the summer and I have been riding the course all June, July, and August. I love the newly paved section in Enumclaw, just before you turn left and head on down into Flaming Geyser. In June a friend and I rode it when they were paving it. That was not fun.

Thanks for the report!


GVB said...

Nice ride! Seems like we could do some planning for life at the Learnin' Factory while on the bikes...