Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back on the snowboard again

Finally made it up to Stevens Pass for the first snowboarding of the season! Tons of fresh Cascade Concrete snow, but no ice, small crowds, and tons of fun. The first runs are always a little spooky, do I remember how to do this, where is the balance point after all, and why, if I've been riding all year long, do me legs hurt so much?

Answer to the last one, because the legs are moving in a different direction with different torques and turns than on the bike!

The boys had a great time. Zach stayed with us, leading all down the runs (he just bombs on down) and Max overcame the tentativeness that comes with his new equipment. Looking forward to more fun in the snow the rest of the season!

But, I tweaked the back a fair amount, and am still sore after a couple of days. And, woke up the next morning with all the symptoms of the first cold of the winter, aches, pains, sore throat, stuffed sinuses, yuk.

Classes start tomorrow, but that will provide the opportunity and impetus to get back in the gym and with the regimen.

Going to be a tough few months. C and H are going to LA to visit Tony and Susan next weekend, to provide some comfort and take stock of his situation. Much of what we do will be determined by how all that plays out.

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