Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Lake Loop

First 70 degree day in months and a great time to head out on the North Lake Loop to clear the cobwebs and get ready for another quarter at the Learning Factory. Ongoing construction at Log Boom Park and along the BGT in Kenmore was mildly inconvenient, but kept a good pace and cruised down into Juanita Bay, where the cormorants were keeping watch on the old pilings.

And, in the beaver pond on the other side, I saw this heron concentrating on some brunch.

Stopped at the Mercer Island Lid for a snack and watched a bit of Little League baseball. The Mercer Island select team was in the field, with the Seattle Select Team at bat. I watched them load the bases and then the MI pitcher walked three batters in a row. This kid had a good curve and fastball but couldn't get it over the plate, as he started to fall apart. Pitching without confidence and trying to pinpoint the ball is one of the toughest things that these young players can do. It's truly a spot where failure breeds more failure as things spiral out of control. We've all been there, and it was difficult to watch, so on to the I-90 bridge and then up the Leschi side toward home.

On the Seattle side I had three separate run-ins with potential wrecks due to idiot drivers attempting to turn in front of me while talking on their cell phones. As Click and Clack advise, "Hang Up and Drive!"

37 miles, 438 YTD, and let's hope that we've turned the corner on the weather so I can rack up more miles.

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