Monday, April 20, 2009

Ospreys along the SRT

50 miles on the short loop for the Seattle (Half) Century. These two ospreys were resting above the Sammamish River, waiting for a snack.

With the weather finally turning warm, the dandelions were in bloom along the route, and especially at the entrance to Marymoor Park.

Other than the need to get more saddle time and miles in, plus to enjoy the day amidst a new and crazy spring schedule was the desire to see what Claire has been writing about the condition of West Lake Sammamish Pkwy. While I have mucho respect for Claire, I didn't find much out of the ordinary on the route. Sure, there were some rough spots, but after dealing with Lake Washington Blvd at Leschi, the rough route through Frink Park, and even the bumps and holes on the BGT due to tree roots, the Parkway was nothing special, IMHO.

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