Sunday, April 12, 2009

Interurban Trail

At the end of Week 1, Spring Quarter, I commuted to and fro the Learning Factory into the teeth of the PSCZ to attend a division meeting and listen to colleagues bicker and pick nits. But the highlight was the return via the Interurban Trail in North Seattle.

Along the trail are several art installations, meant to resemble a flip book, created by Jennifer Dixon.

These are great pieces that added some color and fun to an otherwise grey and drizzly commute.
About 30 miles round trip, including a side trip along the south side of Green Lake at a reasonably slow pace, having been influenced by Kent's piece on hypermiling.

I just need to get there. I don't necessarily need to get there quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, now I want to ride over to your town and see the art. What a cool idea.