Sunday, September 23, 2007

Around the Lake

50 miles around the lake today, exactly per the bike computer, from the start to the end when I threw my chain downshifting as I came back up 70th! Cleared the 2400 mile mark YTD. Stops in Kirkland (Starbucks), Gene Coulon Park in Renton, and Seward Park. Uneventful ride, except for encountering a couple of pelotons, notably the Byrne riders who seem to be pretty serious about what they do.

It's getting to be real autumn up here, and it seems early this year. Leaves turning, cool and drizzly on the ride, classes begin tomorrow at SSIT.

Talked to Zach on Friday, who reports all is well in Beijing. He's getting to teach classes again, and Hannah is off to visit him on Wednesday. Looking forward to the reports.

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