Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spawning Cycle

Grey day, started in the drizzle, ended just before the real rain started. Did CBC Spawning Cycle ride today, and this time did the West Seattle Loop, for a 53 mile jaunt. 2,330 miles, YTD. Almost wimped out before heading out because of the rain, but glad that I got in my first real autumn ride.

Crossing the Fremont Bridge, the cut was filled with sculls doing the Row for the Cure:

The Spawning Cycle route takes you to Myrtle Edwards Park, across the West Seattle Bridge (bikes do the low bridge), across the Duwamish River, past Salty's and the best view of Seattle....

Once past Alki Point, the route hugs the coast and then veers up over the hill at the Fauntleroy Ferry to Vashon Island and then past South Seattle CC and the Duwamish Bike Trail where I stopped to watch the fishing from the pier.

Then, it's through the ID, up the hill to the Mount Baker tunnel, and down to Seward Park for a food stop. Now, you could go up the hill and turn left to head about 190 miles to Portland, but that's the STP for next July!

Lake Washington Blvd is the route home. At Denny Blaine Park, you descend quickly after a short hill up from Madrona. There's a small traffic circle at the bottom of the hill, and it's a tricky curve. I came across a rider who had fallen. Others had stopped and the medics were on the scene, with an ambulance en route.

Bike accidents are particularly nasty, even the near misses, as there's nothing but air between the rider and the pavement. Hope that the injured party recovers quickly.

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