Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crazy students

After the VP of Student Success's presentation at our kick-off meeting, I have the following questions:

Is SSIT attracting more crazy students than in the past?

Are there simply more crazy students in general and we are just getting our fair share?

Is the proportion of crazy students to crazy people getting larger?

Are there more crazy people in general?


GVB said...

I don't know about our students, but the people we work with are definitely insane. Were we at a WalMart Employee's Motivational Seminar today? Holy crap...

awilliams53 said...

I was ready to testify, throw away my cane, as I was healed.....I believe!

GVB said...

"The good thing here is that we talk about stuff. The good stuff. And we need to keep talking about this stuff."

Errrr. Or we could DO something.

So begins another year at The Factory.

awilliams53 said...

Referring to SSIT as The Factory implies that something productive occurs there.

At SSIT, "Process is our most important product."

Hence the need to keep talking about this stuff....endlessly....