Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McClinchy More-Than-A-Mile

Started out on the McClinchy Mile Ride, 36 degrees in Arlington, drizzly, showery, cold and in anticipation of a new ride. I had hesitated whether to take the flat and shorter loop out to
Stanwood and back, but settled into the Granite Falls/Machias 47 semi-hilly miler. "No hills worse than Chilly Hilly!" was the comfort provided by the hosts, so time to pedal.

About nine miles out, I encountered a black lab who evidently enjoyed chasing bikes as much as he enjoyed chasing cars. Sprinted up a short incline to avoid him, and then stopped at the Jordan Bridge overlooking the Stillaguamish River to catch my breath and wet my whistle.

A mile later, my cell phone rang. It was Max who handed the phone to C, and who cried as she told me the news. Turned right around and headed back to Arlington, giving the lab bike chaser more exercise as I pumped to get back quickly.

We headed down to LA on Monday p.m. Stayed at Howard the Mensch and Bassmama's house in South Pasadena. The Pie came in from China on Tuesday, followed by the Boys and Gail on Wednesday. Amazing SRO services on Thursday at Mt. Sinai. C spoke, and I've never been more proud and honored to know her, Max played Naima, and I've never been more proud of him, others including Susan and Sofi spoke with courage, grace and emotion, then reception and shiva back at Susan's home.

Can't believe that Tony's gone.....

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