Sunday, March 2, 2008

Two months into 2008

Two months into 2008, and I've logged about 240 miles, YTD. Not exceptional, but not bad, considering it's been winter and the regimen has changed with the mostly daily gym visits.

Started out today to do the Magnolia-City loop, but felt tired, and a little sick, with clogged chest, bit of a fever and generally blah......ended up just journeying to Ballard locks and back, BGT, and felt the chill of winter when facing the headwind. Three days in a row of exercise, not much (or good) sleep, and end of quarter blues results in lowered resistance. So, did the sauna, got home and had Campbell's Chicken Noodle, climbed into bed for a nap.

Now, it's time to slog through last two weeks of Winter, deal with the craziness at SSIT (try not to disengage, try to balance doing what I want to do to drag college into 21st century info/media/knowledge transfer/teaching-learning/chrono-synclastic time warp infundibulum without being chumped into volunteering or getting sidetracked by the nonsense and the nonsense-makers.)

And, do the bike miles, and get ready for the Spring, it's baseball season, and wait for the Ellington announcement.

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