Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cascade Training Series 2008 - Part 1

Did the Mercer Island Loop today as part of the CTS 2008.    More participants than last year, many familiar faces, and was better conditioned as well.   We got snow on Friday, and a bit Saturday night as well, so the headwind and the temps had a certain bite to them as we headed down the BGT and Leschi toward the I-90 bridge.

At the rest stop at the ballfields, looking east Tiger Mountain and the Newport Hills were covered with snow!

Circumnavigated MI, returned via the bridge, and the broke off from the crowd to head to Uwajimaya for a big bowl of Won Ton Soup from Noodle Zen, an espresso at Zeitgeist, and then looked in at Safeco Field to watch a bit of Texas Ranger BP.    Up Alaska Way, under the viaduct, passed the OSP, and then out to the Locks before heading home on the BGT.  50 miles today, and about 390 year to date.   Those miles should be piling up now with the weekly rides, and as we finally get some real spring. 

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