Monday, June 30, 2008

520 Bridge

Out for an early Sunday morning ride on the Bleriot, down the BGT and past Husky Stadium, the start of the Seafair Marathon. Went past MOHAI, and glided up to Montlake, where I talked with one of Seattle's Finest. Since the 520 Bridge was closed to autos and open to runners, I enquired if bikes could cross as well. The officer responded, 'No one has told me that they can't. So, I'll just turn my back and look south, and you can do what you want!'

Here's the rest of the pictures.

31.5 miles through Bellevue, across Mercer Island and the I-90 bridge, and then up Leschi and across Montlake to the BGT. The New Ride is smoother, easier on the hills and an absolute joy. Looking forward to the commute as summer quarter starts this week.

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Robin said...

Dude! I was on that bridge. What time did you go through? Quite an experience actually. Very hot out there and I felt sorry (just a little bit) for all the folks who got snarled in traffic because of the run.