Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Charlotte, NC

So, traveled cross-country today to get to Hickory, NC for a workshop tomorrow a.m. Four or five hours of sleep, an early rise, check the dreaded email (even MORE crap coming out of the Learning Factory drones), and then to Seatac to stand in line at the counter, stand in line through security, and then flight to Memphis. Seated in the middle next to an overweight guy who hogged the seat arm, graded exams. Transferred in Memphis and got to Charlotte. About 11 hours door-to-door.

Father's Day was great. C, Max and I went to Benaroya to see Alexander Nevsky, Eisenstein's classic with a magnificent Prokoviev score presented live by the Seattle Symphony. Wonderful!
And, afterward, an early dinner at the Shanghai Garden. Best dumplings and noodles in town.

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