Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Wheels?

So, the bug has been there for a while...Lately I've been thinking about more commuting via bike, and have good reason to do so. The Surly LHT caught my eye at Free Range Cycles, where Kathleen let me ride one, along with a Salsa Casseroll and a Cross Check. LHT was the smoothest ride, widest gear range, important for a crummy hill climber like yours truly, and seemed the best fit for a winter bike, suitable for commuting, capable of racks and fenders, and good to go, right off the rack.

But, still, something was just not exactly perfect. And, since I wanted just exactly perfect, I cruised down to Elliott Bay Bicycles, and talked to Bob. The Rivendells are beautiful frames. Lugged, well-built to last, painted exquisitely. EBB had a 55 cm Bleriot, named for the French Aviator, Louis Bleriot, in stock, so we added the wheels, and it fit fine. Worked up a parts list to my specs, and now it's being built!

My father's day present to me. I can't wait!

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