Sunday, June 1, 2008

Decent Weekly Mileage

Finished the week at 829.6 miles YTD. Did a commute, plus an extension ride to Alderwood Mall via Sno County's confusing and poorly signed version of the Interurban Trail, with a group from The Learning Factory. And, did a fine Mercer Island Loop, plus a trip to the Locks, on this, the first of June, which felt a lot like the last week in March. When's it going to warm up? When are we going to get some spring?

Inside the I-90 Bike Tunnel, looking west.

And, when the cottonwoods begin to drop like this, I remember being in Moscow in June, 1994, which was covered with the seeds. And, the little Russian kids had a great time lighting the cotton on fire and watching the flames burn underneath the parked cars. Ha ha!

What is this giant salmon, when was it last used, and why is it parked at Magnuson?

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