Monday, June 2, 2008


Loss seems to be the topic for the evening. This installment is a small one, espresso. I've often stopped at Uptown Espresso by the OSP on my rides. A doppio, and a stop in the restroom, not in that order, filled the bill to get me home.

So, when we visited about a week ago, after Dim Sum with the Pie before she embarked for Omaha. I parked, we meandered through the sculptures, walked along Myrtle Edwards, and then needed to offload fluids. Took the family to Uptown, but no longer do they let customers use the rest room. Pleading didn't help. "There's one a block away at the Park." So, here I was, out about $12 plus the feeling that I had led the family the astray. A loss. Won't be back soon.

And, last weekend, after circumnavigating Mercer Island, headed downtown for lunch and then espresso at Zeitgeist. Pulled the $2 out of the wallet for tiny cup, and the barista said, $2.10.

"Your prices went up."

"So has everything else."


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